Strategic management

Growth on a solid foundation

Based on an analysis of the competencies and processes of your company, we advise you on the definition of your strategic goals and roles, the strategies to achieve these targets and support you with their implementation.

Companies can only grow successfully and sustainably when they rest on a stable foundation. To establish this, strategic management is essential. Wintergerst can support you here, using the knowledge gained over many years. We analyze your company’s competencies and processes, define strategic goals with you, clarify your strategic roles, conceptualize plans to achieve them and support you with their implementation.

Within the framework of such a process, we view your company through the lens of value-based management and draw on input from your managers and employees, which is of utmost relevance. In addition to holistic business strategies, we develop separate strategies for your business, marketing, sales and customer base. It only possible to turn your ambitious visions of the future into reality if they rest upon a well-founded strategy.

Strategy describes the planned behavior of companies and enterprises to achieve short, medium and long-term goals and thus secure their viability and competitiveness in future.

Prof. Dr. Claus W. Gerberich