Reference project in the connector sector

Successful investor search: HENN Group acquires the operating activities of Eisele Pneumatics

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures standard connector components and distributes these worldwide via its subsidiaries and distributors. The company is noted for its high quality and has evolved into a leading provider for innovative connector solutions.

Sell-side distressed M&A
EUR < 20 million


It applied for insolvency in August 2020 due to the accumulated losses built up over prior years and the negative impacts of the corona pandemic.


The development of a plausible investment story displaying how the company can return to profit in future was extremely challenging. Additional complexity was created by the European-wide audience and corresponding language barriers on both sides. The late entry of the buyer in the process resulted in a very ambitious time plan of less than two months.


Addressing an international audience expanded the buyer universe. The use of German consulting firms by foreign investors meant that hidden legal traps could be avoided. The rapid creation of a trusting working foundation and intensive cooperation with the buyer and its consulting team resulted in a successful takeover by the HENN Industrial Group.

„In addition to the continuing development of connector technologies, I have long been searching for a company that could contribute expertise from other sectors and open up the possibility of diversification for us. The offer came at the right time. I see great potential in this acquisition for the sustained development of the HENN Industrial Group, also to gain a foothold on other international consumer markets.“

Martin Ohneberg
CEO of HENN Industrial Group