Reference project in the labeling sector

WINTERGERST assists Etiket Schiller during its sale to the Optimum Group

The family-run company Etiket Schiller GmbH is a leading specialist in the production of labels, booklets and stickers in southern Germany. With a broad portfolio of labels, Etiket Schiller supplies various customers in such sectors as pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs and delicatessen.

Business succession
EUR < 10 million


Its portfolio of sustainable labels has given the company a particularly attractive position in the field of sustainable labeling. The plan was to find a new investor as a successor.


The transaction process and investor search in particular was extremely challenging in light of the consolidation of the sector. The solution for the business succession not only had to find the best purchase price but also secure the future of the location and a solution for the management of Etiket Schiller. In addition, it should also include an attractive reinvestment opportunity for the existing shareholders.


In the course of the transaction, the Dutch Optimum Group B.V. acquired all the shares of the company. With its acquisition of Etiket Schiller GmbH, the PE financed Optimum Group is continuing the buy & build strategy of IK Partners in the labeling and packaging market. Etiket Schiller will be continued as an independent entity managed by the former shareholders, retaining all of its employees at the current location. In addition, an attractive reinvestment opportunity has been afforded to the former shareholders in the form of PE funds.

„The integration in the Optimum Group will allow us to become even more competitive. We are very grateful that the team from Wintergerst supported us in an extremely professional and trusting manner throughout the entire transaction.“

Gunther Schiller and Susanne Daiber
Managing directors of Etiket Schiller GmbH