Wintergerst accompanies the sale of QUINtec Automation GmbH

ZECH Group integrates the operations of QUINtec Automation GmbH from Pleidelsheim in its group of companies. The entire acquisition process was accompanied by Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung within the framework of a competitive bidding process.

wtec services GmbH, a member firm of the ZECH Group, acquires the operations of QUINtec Automation GmbH effective 1 October 2021 and will continue the business under the umbrella of the newly founded QUINtec Smart Technology GmbH, based in Pleidelsheim. QUINtec, which was founded in 1996, operates in the field of consulting and engineering of buildings and plant technology. Improving energy efficiency using intelligent controls and infrastructure offers added value for its customers. Manufacture and assembly of electrical enclosures and systems round off the portfolio of this full-service provider.

The ZECH Group and its affiliated companies are also specialized in the construction sector, among others. The large overlap in the portfolios of both parties promises a prosperous future for the activities of QUINtec Automation GmbH. The ZECH Group plans to continue the QUINtec operation without restriction and position it on the market as an independent entity, keeping its location in Pleidelsheim and its workforce intact.

“The ZECH Group is the ideal group for us. It knows our business model and is very interested in continuing QUINtec as an independent brand as well as strategically expanding operations at the Pleidelsheim site. We are pleased that the Wintergerst team found this investor and handled the entire transaction process in a very professional and trustworthy manner,” said Stefan Vömel, managing director of QUINtec Automation GmbH.

“In the course of a competitive bidding process, we have managed to find a successfully positioned family-owned group of businesses that has perceived the opportunities for our company which it can take over as the new shareholder. Our many years of M&A experience and our industry expertise stood us in good stead” says Volker Wintergerst, founder and managing director of Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung.

“QUINtec is an established and very well positioned player in an exciting and complex market. This makes the company attractive for the investor,” explains Jörg Mayer, who managed the project for Wintergerst.


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