Wintergerst accompanies the sale of Westiform Germany GmbH to the Joseph Group

The Joseph Group with its headquarters in Dubai (UAE) acquires Westiform Germany GmbH in Ortenberg. The entire acquisition process was accompanied by Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung within the framework of an international competitive bidding process.

Westiform Germany GmbH based in Ortenberg, Baden-Württemberg, is specialized in the production of custom illuminated advertising elements and challenging large-format advertising installations. The most well-known reference projects of the company include Germany’s largest illuminated signage installed on the BOSCH parking building spanning the A8 autobahn at Stuttgart airport and the large-format advertising installation at Munich airport. In addition, Westiform, with its workforce of more than 100 employees, manufactures technical plastic parts for the consumer goods and the caravan industries.

The Joseph Group, a leading global strategic player, was able to prevail over other national and international bidders in the course of an international M&A process. With over 1,800 employees and more than 1 million illuminated and large-format advertising installations installed worldwide, the Joseph Group based in Dubai, UAE, counts among the global leaders in the field of illuminated advertising and large format graphics. Its business activities, which have so far been concentrated on the Middle East and Africa, have now – with the acquisition of Westiform Germany GmbH – been extended to target the German and European market. The reputed brand, the complementary product portfolios, the broad and long-standing customer base, the highly-qualified workforce and the production and installation capacity at the Ortenberg location, put the Joseph Group on an excellent footing to expand into the attractive European market.

“With the Joseph Group we have managed to win an attractive investor and can now add the strengths of Westiform Germany GmbH to a global leader in the field so that we can jointly tap into the German and European market. We are happy that the team from Wintergerst supported us in such a professional and trusting manner and greatly appreciate their input,” says Matthias Kühne, member of the management of Westiform Germany GmbH.

“Our many years of experience in transaction advisory services helped us to realize this transaction so professionally and successfully in such a challenging environment,” says Volker Wintergerst, founder and managing director of Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung. “The close and trusting cooperation with the team from Westiform Germany GmbH, the high degree of professionalism of the Joseph Group and the extraordinary dedication of our entire team were the key success factors in realizing this transaction in an extremely challenging market,” adds Christian Scharfenberger, who managed the project at Wintergerst.


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